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The first type of the high-speed sheet shutter MONBAN was born by functional improvement of the steel shutter and total sales exceed 150,000 sets. Market has been spread out by its dramatic air-conditioning effect, anti-dust effect and wind-resistance effect and Monban brand has recognized widely. Monban won the Medium and Small Businessthe Research Center Prize and the Highest Prize of New Business Grand-Prix in 1991.
After that, won the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize in 2007. In 2010, all models of Monban received authorization of an eco-mark. The new model, happy gate monban system won the Japanese Grandprix Prize for an excellent work in 2012.

happy gate monban system

Happy gate monban system succeeded in miniaturization by building the control unit in the frame (or the shutter box) instead of installing it beside the sheet shutter. It is expected to become a defact standard of the industry. Happy gate monban system was exhibited as "New type of the sheet shutter which can create the space value" on the Machine Element Technical Exhibition held in Osaka in October of 2012 and it became the center of attention. It can be used widely as integrated system with the air shower, air cuitain and partition and so on.
Speed of the pipeless type G is 3m/sec..It has the self-repairing system that the sheet can re-set automatically by one time full-open operation after going out of the side frames in case of collision. The sheet reverses to open at low speed (0.5m/sec.) in case of collision and it reverses to open at middle speed (1.5m/sec.) in case of detection of the sensor. Lightweight structure makes possible escape in case of emergency only by releasing and lifting up bottom of the sheet. Operation is possible in case of power failure with the optional battery for emergency.

Integration with facilities creates the space value

The pipe type for outdoor is resistant to wind and gap caused by air pressure. Silent operation is realized thanks to the roller unit with rubber ring, which can protect abrasion of the sheet by friction.
Happy gate monban for the cold storage and freezer can be used for the partition of the cold storage of -25℃ to +5℃. Happy gate monban controlled by the air was developed for the exposionproof area. And monban unit for integration with facilities which can be integrated with the air shower, air curtain, conveyer and elevator creates various kind of the space value.

Received award

1991 : Medium and small business research prize
1991 : The highest prize of new business Grand-Prix
1993 : Regional Companies contributor Award
1995 : Science and technology agency “The selection as remarkable invention”
2007 : Minister of land, Infrastructure and Transport prize
2012 : The Japanese Grand-prix prize for an excellent work
2012 : Japanese Grand-prix Prize for an excellent work. Creation of new industries