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History of Monban

May .2013 The exhibition of lineup of happy gate monban system was held. Happy gate monban system was broadcast in WBS of TV Tokyo.
Fed .2012 Happy gate monban system won the Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award was won.
Jun .2011 In commemoration of inauguration of KOMATSU KOREA, the first-consignment-of-the-year ceremony was held in Sakaiminato.
May .2010 The exhibition of MONBAN GF series was held.
May .2008 KV series with sealing function and high durable structure was announced.
Oct .2007 The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport award was won by contribution to prevention of globel warming.
Jun .2007 The business tie-up with Asahara Industry and manual type "SAWAYAKA MONBAN" was started.
Dec .2005 Total sales achieved to 100,000 sets. The ceremony was held at the head office.
Jun .2002 MX series with sealing function and self-repairing system was announced.
May .2000 OEM contract with Bunka Shutter was canceled.
Sep .1999 The exhibition of OPTRON MONBAN was held. Sales of OPTRON MONBAN started.
May .1998 KU series was announced.
Jun .1998 Manufucturing line of the sheet shutter MONBAN and function of the head office were changed place to Matsue factory.
Oct .1997 Rolling-up type KU10 /20 was develoed with inverter encoder control function and cyclo-engine.
Nov .1994 The first Construction Study Session is held.
Oct .1994 The exhibition of KT series was held.
Jun .1993 The inverter MONBAN was developed.
Oct .1993 The New Business Grand Award was won.
Sep .1991 International Conference of MONBAN was held in Korea.
Jun .1991 Total sales achieved to 10,000 sets in 6 years after national announcement.
Jun .1991 The Research Center award" was won by the Medium and Small Business Research Institute.
Oct .1990 The business tie-up with the South Korean company "Toyu FA" was started in the sheet shutter business.
Fed .1990 Kumano Office was completed and production of the parts for the sheet shutter was started there.
Jan .1990 Total sales achieved to 5,000 sets in 5 years after national announcement.
Jun .1989 The cooperative "Techno Kunibiki" was founded by seven cross-industrial companies.
May .1989 The FMS sheet metal uninhabited line was introduced prior to other companies in Shimane.
1989 Demo machine was manufuctured and started for business nationalwide.
Jun .1988 Rolling-up type KS type was serialized. The control panel of a printed circuit board was developed.
Fed .1988 Total sales achieved to 1,000 sets in 3 years after national announcement.
Oct .1986 OEM contract was signed with Bunka Shutter. "Air-Keeper" started to be manufuctured.
Oct .1986 Rolling-up type was developed.
Aug .1985 Sheet shutter MONBAN was announced nationalwide.
Nov .1980 A prototype was developed by manufucture request of the sheet shutter from Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery.