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happy gate monban Rseries
happy gate monban independence
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◆2015. 9. 30 (THU)
Notice of ALL PACK INDONESIA 2015 exhibition

We exhibited Happygate MONBAN to ALL PACK INDONESIA 2015 which was held at JIExpo – Kemayoran, Jakarta

Date: 30 September – 03 October 2015 (4 Days Exhibition)
Hours:10.00 – 19.00 +7GMT
JIExpo – Kemayoran, Jakarta

The Technology, Machinery, Materials System & Supplies for :
• Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging
• Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging • Bottling
• Plastic • Refrigeration • Automation • Material Handling
• Quality Control and Testing system

product lineup
happy gate monban
Gseries Rseries

sheet sheet
happy gate monban
magic optron monban independence

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happygateMONBAN promotion video

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