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Install large opening width

maximum width 10m
Shorten the opening time, improves working efficiency, and contribute to energy saving and quality surplus by the change of indoor environment due to the outside air, insects and dust.

Pipe type with wind and air pressure strong resistant

high grade airtight High grade airtight

Tightly sealed to prevent a gap that can be from the bulge of the sheet by the wind and pressure difference. High grade airtight structure in the top frame and side frame.

New engine model Opening high speed 2.0m/s

high speed High speed

high speed
High-speed opening and closing 2.0m / sec by the new engine. Shorten the opening time at the entrance and contributing to improve working environment enhances the air conditioning effectiveness, insect proof and dustproof effect.

Bottom pipe cushion with strong structure

high speed Less maintenance costs, soften the impact of the collision by the bottom pipe with cushion structure.

High effectiveness of insectproof and dustproof

Further improved air-tightness in combination with an air tight seal. Possible to prevent the fully closed of insects and dust intrusion, and achieve a higher quality control and clean working environment.

※circulating air at 10Pa using JISS fore testing inside co.
※our product attach airtight seal;shown by numerically
※Wind pressure performance can be different depending
on the size

Effective of high visibility with high power saving

compare with conventional clear transparency is developed
secure safty when pass through and keep room brightness by contribute energy saving.

Separate controller

Worry of condensation caused by rain and fog also resolved.Able to use together with separate countdown monitor for more safety.

Gシリーズ よろこびが広がるしあわせが生まれる
Rシリーズ 外との間仕切り・高い気密性で防虫防塵対策に最適
自立型 下地鉄骨不要・短時間施工
冷蔵・冷凍庫仕様 節電効果アップ!庫内温度変化を抑えて品質管理向上
防爆仕様 あらゆる防爆エリアに設置可能、エアー駆動・制御