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Control invasion of insect by W effect of green and yellow.

outside green, inside yellow create bright working environment to control insect

Feature / Effect

1. Prevent invasion from outside by wavelength of light which make insect could not see.
2. Confirm safety by high visible light green
3. Improve working environment, factory is brighten by yellow colour inside.
4. Apply yellow colour to tilt toward at insect principle.

outdoor indoor images

The science of the light which is visible to people and is not visible to insect

cut sharply the wavelength area to 500nm where insects react activity
insect collect wavelength cut
Developed sheet based on research of Flying insect habit and Characteristics of light and colour. Create insect“ invisible light “ for ontrol invasion from outside.

type of insect which have characteristic of being invitated to the light

Result of insect control effect examination

prevent insect invitation rate
Insect-control effect for transmittivity and night light attraction of another colour by uniquely insect-control effect test. Control outside insect attrctive, Keephygienie environment inside.

※Data of Japan Environment Animal and Entomology Society

sample of installation of factory carry-in entrance

different colors have unlike characteristic to attraction

using 7 colors of blankets for the Color Attraction experiment. There are many insects on the yellow one, in opposite the blue one and green one can attract a few nsects. Yellow color has high quality of attraction, so it can prevent insects invade to inside

The adulteration makes image down

The adulteration makes image downthe principal cause of the adulteration in product. 80% comes from insects that attracted by lighting.
Magic Optron Monban control lighting and color for prevent insects in stead of using nsecticide like other original sheet
(Tokyo living environment 1996)

Optoron related product

Optoron flim

Optoron flim

Window glass seal film which has air conditioning effect by the heat wire interception and glass scattering prevent effect at calamity time, besides insect-control

Optenergy LED illuminator

Optenergy LED illuminator

LED illuminator for prevent insect prevent around 80% of invasion from outside insect and obiate foreign mix accident

OptcleanVI(Insect trap)

OptcleanVI(Insect trap)

By the comblined use with Opto energy(Optoron),the preeminent insect-control and insect-capturing effects are demonstrated.

magic optron monban
independence model
sheet variation
option equipment